A Few Cover Letter Examples

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A Few Cover Letter Examples

Here are some cover letters examples of references from jobseekers. These are examples, but all names are fools. These letters have one thing in common: they conducted all the interviews and some candidates were hired.

As a rule, a letter of application should be short and precise. Matching is one of the most important roles of a hiring manager. In other words, he needs to know exactly what you want before he knows what to do with your application. It’s easy when you respond to a job advertisement. However, if you proactively contact an employer or a headhunter, you must specify what you want.

You must state what you want, highlight your professional skills and experience and request an interview, all in a short cover letter. In fact, most hiring managers spend only 20 seconds reading a cover letter. In a short letter, every word counts. Every word should provide added value. Never write long sentences and of course no nonsense.

Let’s go over a few examples that cover different scenarios.

entry level

Hello, my name is Anna Maria D’Souza. I just graduated from Yale University. My focus was on financial engineering and economics. I am looking for a starting position as an analyst. I was a trainee for quantitative analysts at ABC Investment Bank and understand the markets in the US and Asia very well.

I have attached my CV and would be happy to meet you. I am reachable over

Proactive approach

I would like to introduce myself as a professional marketer with 17 years of marketing and sales experience in healthcare and diagnostics.

I am currently Regional Business Manager at Famous HealthCare (Asia). The countries for which I am responsible include Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I am now looking for a position as Marketing / Business Manager, which makes the most of my knowledge and experience.

Proactive approach and career move

I have attached my CV. I am ready to move, flexible in terms of conditions and location and continue to be interested in new opportunities to drive my career in a new environment in the Asia region.

I’m also open to new areas that leverage my experience in sales, marketing, business, brand and business building and present new insights and challenges.

Respond to an ad

Thank you for hiring a management assistant on jobs.com. I have 10 years of experience in helping my former employers in a similar role, and I know that I can contribute to your business the skills I have developed in these jobs – organization, reliability, multitasking and positive problem solving.

Could we meet for an interview? I look forward to finding out what you expect from the person you hire and showing you how I will work hard to fulfill them. Please enter a date and time that suits you and I am here to continue working.