Best Man Wedding Speech Example

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Best Man Wedding Speech Example

For a groomsman, there is no more terrible thought than worrying about what to say during a wedding speech. There is so much potential for something to go wrong that embarrassing the best man, thinking badly of the bridegroom and spoiling what would otherwise have been a special day. Although the best man delivers the most important toast of the night, there is no need to panic. With a bit of preparation and using this phrase for the wedding with the best men, you can easily prepare an unforgettable toast that impresses everyone at the wedding reception.

Do it personally

As a best man, the groom has not only placed you in a place of honor, but also points to a close friendship bond. Use this relationship in your speech. The best men often start their toast by thinking about when they first met the groom. Discuss how to play together as children or meet for the first time in college. The best man may also want to build on the romance of the wedding day by discussing when the bride and groom first met, or thinking about how he knows they fit together perfectly. A best man, who is also the brother, the cousin or the father of the groom, can remember a few family events to make the speech memorable.

Decide on a style

Another aspect that is common in speeches for best man is good-natured humor. If the groom is the guy with a good sense of humor and loves practical jokes, he does not care if one or two jokes are made at his expense. Remember, however, that the speech will be heard by a large number of people of all ages. Keep the content clean, respect everyone present, and write no content that will embarrass the groom and his new bride!

When preparing your wedding speech, remember to keep your balance. A few jokes at the groom’s expense are fine; The purpose of the wedding toast, however, is not to be a roast. Consider the personality of the groom, to be sure, jokes appropriate. A more serious or traditional groom likes compliments, thoughtful comments and anecdotal stories. Although you are the best man, your speech should also touch the bride a little bit. If you do not know the bride very well, it is safe to make a general statement about love or weddings. Read the best man’s speeches for an idea of ​​how to set the tone and mood of your writing.

Be yourself

Apart from the bride and groom, the wedding is probably full of strangers you do not know. Do not forget to introduce yourself at the beginning of your speech so that everyone can enjoy their speech. The best advice for those who make a speech for the best is to think about being natural. Trying to imitate a comedian, actor, or other person they’ve seen on TV simply confuses everyone and does not seem so natural.

Practice your speech

If you’ve never spoken publicly before you started practicing. After writing your speech, take time to see how long the speech lasts. As a rule of thumb, speeches should last between 5 and 10 minutes. This is long enough to demonstrate sincerity, but not so long as to make someone fall asleep. Practicing will also help you memorize your wedding speech on the day of the wedding so that the speech is more credible and honest than if it had been read on paper.