Examples Of Cover Letters

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Examples Of Cover Letters

If you apply for a job and send your CV, a well-written cover letter can decide on success and failure. Imagine the cover letter as something that opens the door and allows your resume to land at the top of the pile.

I’ve often said it’s not good to be the best person for the job when you land your resume in the trash.

Below I have written some examples of cover letters that you can use as writing examples. They should always have the same format, be concise and factual. It is not necessary to provide too many details for which the CV has been created.

Cover letter Example 1:

Dear Mr. Jones,

Recently, I have had a cooperative experience with an engineering office in Northern California, where I was given the responsibility of running a small project. I am looking for the opportunity to work in this capacity for Ganco Engineering. My background and experience will help me to become a company in a very short time.

I performed survey and mapping tasks, participated in soil mechanics and foundation building, and conducted preliminary structural analyzes and designs for a grocery store. I was given the responsibility to create a general layout for a new transport system. I first examined the area, created a traffic analysis and survey, checked the compliance of city rules and regulations, and wrote a twenty-five-page report outlining the feasibility of building a new motorway exit. My math skills are excellent and I am very conscientious in meeting deadlines and doing tasks unattended. When I have the opportunity to execute an assignment, I can develop a plan that meets the needs of the project.

I am very interested in becoming part of this project after reading your corporate brochure and an article in the Civil Engineering Journal about your company’s commitment to building a new shopping mall in the region. I can be reached at the address and phone number below. I’ll call your office within ten days to check on the status of my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,

You will see that the cover letter is sharp, concise and spelled out to the point. It shows the potential employer that you have taken the time to research the position and present your skills and contributions.

Cover letter Example 2:

Dear Mrs. Bolo,

Being able to teach individuals and groups about effective health practices and practices has been my goal since the beginning of my college career. To ensure that I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to train as a health consultant, I volunteered to work in numerous agencies and put my academic theories and principles into practice.

I work independently or as part of a team and am highly motivated to deliver an excellent product on time and within budget. I have extensive experience with the needs of different clientele and can communicate in Spanish even though I’m not very fluent. Other skills that I can bring to your organization are:

o knowledge of health problems and their prevention.

o Knowledge of the advice and teaching principles.

o Ability to act as a liaison and referral specialist between clients and supporting agencies.

o understanding of health rules and regulations.

For more information, please see my attached CV. I would appreciate a personal conversation as soon as possible. I look forward to discussing my qualifications and visiting your facility.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

In this letter, bullet points are used to highlight key qualifications and attributes, and it is again direct and pertinent.

These cover letter examples should help you to create an award-winning cover letter yourself.

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