Gentle Reflection Using Mandalas


Gentle Reflection Using Mandalas

Through my years of experience, Mandalas have been a nice gentle way for people to get in touch with their subconscious and gain more clarity about what’s going on in them. Not only do they help you move through blocks and fears, they are also a wonderful way to manifest dreams.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for “healing circle”. Mandalas have been used for thousands of years in various forms, from the caveman’s fascination with spirals found on the walls and carvings of the Tibetan monks to beautiful sand paintings. Our fascination for the circle is understandable, because it has so many meanings. I am sure you have heard the term “circle of life”, which we created from an egg and embedded in a circular place the “womb” into which we pass through a circular tunnel. This beautiful world, its mother earth itself Circle is and the orbiting the solar system, and then our bodies leave the “circle of life”.

Why, then, the fascination that Carl Jung once said: “Each morning I drew a small circular drawing in a notebook, a mandala that seemed to correspond to my inner situation at that time, and only gradually did I discover that the mandala really is: the self, the wholeness of the personality, which, if all goes well, is harmonious. “We are so drawn to the self that the words are selfish because the answers are in the self.

What are the advantages of mandalas? Let’s try it and we’ll see.
Take an hour and create a beautiful place to be alone, light a candle with soft music (preferably as an instrument) and smoke a nice cup of your favorite hot drink.
You will need colors of all kinds, be they pencils, oil pastels, paint, mandalas, which can be used in many media from paper cuts to material. You also need a big piece of paper.

Now breathe deeply three times and inhale the love with each breath and release any tension and fear anything that has bothered you. If we establish an intention for this mandala, you may have the intention of “love” and what that means to you. If love does not work for you, find something that you either want to work through or bring into your life.

Now sometimes I find it easier for people who have not yet experienced creative processes to use their opponent’s hand. The reason for this is that you come into contact with the right side of the brain, which is your intuitive feeling side.
Now draw a big circle and concentrate on your intention and just start to put signs. Do not try to think too much and just let the emotions flow on your side.
Once you have finished your mandala, take a pen and make a note of each color you have used, and give that color a word. Example: Yellow is love, pink is joy, red is fire, blue is pain. The reason why we do this is because each color means something different to the individual, and this can vary from day to day, depending on which room you are in.

Here is an example mandala that I did recently

It was a picture I had received regarding my inner child.

Pink Heart Love

Red-screaming rage

Black depth / darkness

Green clarity

Blue spiritually

orange power

You can also look at the shapes and give them meaning, such as the oral circle, which means silence. Now, as I looked at the colors and the mandala, it told me that my inner child is crying to be heard and loved, and to create that beautiful world she so longed for. She is angry but has been through so much and the clarity of the green in her eyes shows me that she sees so much healthier and more beautiful. The blue above comes from the darkness and she comes more in touch with her spirituality.

Keep your mandala away and watch it every day for a week. You may find that there is more to tell of a story. You may find there is so much more to do, though you have an area of ​​fear in your Mandala example, but you may not know what it is. I suggest you make a mandala only in the intention of what that fear is. I hope you enjoy your mandala experience and embrace your beautiful self.

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