Lets Write a Reference Letter

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Lets Write a Reference Letter

A letter of recommendation is a letter of recommendation written by someone who is familiar with the person. The most effective way is for the author to know the person well through school, work or another skill. The letter should provide a satisfying overview of the person’s qualities and abilities. Referral letters are usually requested for critical business such as access to tertiary education, setting up, applying for a job or loan, and many other business matters. This is effective because it is easier to read a letter than to contact the referee by phone or by mail as this rules out. Situations like the referee are busy or unreachable. This also gives the person the advantage that the letter is a letter in which the person knows exactly what the arbitrator has to say about him or her. If the referees were contacted by phone, the person would have no idea what they are revealing about him or her.

A reference letter can be handwritten or typed. Regardless of the technique used, it must be signed by the author and contain his contact information if further information is required. There is a possibility that at some point in your life, you may be asked to write a letter of reference. So write a good reference letter.

Required materials:


Necessary tools:

Computer with the necessary software


1. First, you must gather all the necessary information (such as address, schools attended, knowledge acquired, etc.) about the person who has applied for the letter. If the reason for writing is employment, it may be advisable to review the job requirements.

2. If you know the name of the person to whom the letter is being sent, address it directly to that person. If not, use who it might concern.

3. Organize your letter in three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, differentiate who you write about and in what capacity you know the person. Say how long and why you think the person is suitable for the position or for the recording.

4. In your second paragraph, show specific skills or training that you have noticed since knowing the person. Clarify how these qualifications and abilities meet the company’s or school’s criteria. Let us know your individual opinions, taking into account the reason for the letter.

5. Indicate in your third paragraph that you are available for further details deemed crucial. You can also add another opinion of the individual.

6. Complete the letter with a polite completion. Support the letter and resubmit contact information, your position and organization to make sure you’re a reliable reference.

7. Review the letter and correct any errors.

8. Enter the letter and read it again, and change errors if necessary.

9. Memorize the letter, stamp it if necessary, and put it in an envelope.


Make sure you are well acquainted with the person requesting the letter.

Emphasize the crucial aspects that the reader should consider.

Use a business letter format, eg. B. a completely blocked letter style.

Do not talk negatively about the person you recommend.

Do not be too talkative. Try to be as accurate as possible so that you receive a one-page letter.

Do not provide unsolicited details, such as the individual’s ethnicity, religion, or marital status, unless this is certainly appropriate.

Use action verbs when talking about achievements and abilities.

If you can not provide a good reference, you do not agree to write the letter.