Reflections From Simply Rhetorical


Reflections From Simply Rhetorical

Simply Rhetorical was one of the toughest companies I was involved in. In the two years since I started writing, I have experienced an emotional ride that has taken me to spiritual heights, as well as many boat trips to Nineveh via Tarsis. (See Jonah 1) For years I have seen the church slowly turning away from God’s purpose of becoming an institution of human creation. Nothing was more frustrating than seeing God’s word misrepresented. The church has always shared. The unity of faith has become a disharmony of faith. I have witnessed the accelerated dismemberment of the Body of Christ. Flags of separation flew over the citadels of worship. The doctrines of the Pharisees have replaced the Holy Word of God. I have watched the church become more like the world. The success of the church is measured by numbers. Mortar and bricks are more important than building disciples. Programs fill the buildings, but not the hearts of the people. Biblical truths are selected that will not offend the listener. Instead of preaching what people need to hear, the messages respond to what people want to hear.

I remember calling to God and asking Him what I can do to make the church understand its misalignment and hinder the danger. I knew that very few would listen to a retired pastor approaching his homecoming. Who was I to climb the watchtower and announce a warning? Obviously, God knows more than I did, because on May 18, 2012, I was sitting at the computer watching in amazement as the Holy Spirit began to recognize and address many of the situations the Church was facing. One hundred and seventy-six articles later, and I’m still amazed at what God has revealed to me. I remember expressing to God that people will not accept what I write. In my mind, I heard him say that I should not care about the results of these essays, but write only what He showed me. The reason why the name Simply Rhetorical was awarded for these articles was to give people the opportunity to reject these papers as a man who speaks only to himself. Whenever someone claims that the Lord has shown him something, they tend to reject such a monologue as self-promoting. I have never asked for feedback from my readers. All I wanted was for Christians to check the word of God for themselves and draw their own conclusions, instead of simply accepting the biased interpretations of religious organizations.

One day Simply Rhetorical comes to an end. I expressed what I believe God has revealed to me. I tried not to write some of these articles. I would lie awake at night and ask God if I could delete a particular article. There never was an answer. I realized I had no choice if God gave it to me. I did not write these articles as someone who has come to any spiritual understanding, but as a servant who loves God and His truth. I wrote because I love the body of Christ and I want to see His glory revealed.

Much has been reported about the next great step of God. I believe we are approaching the last great step of God, but I do not see it as a revival and a time of miracles and miracles, but as an appeal from His remnant. God will separate the true church from the man-made church. The remnant will work outside the structured walls of the organized church and be a living example of the kingdom of God. Simply Rhetorical has achieved what God intended. Now it is up to the “Ecclesia” (called out of the community of believers) to decide whether they want to be part of the remnant or continue to be the status quo of the neo-church.

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