Resume Secrets Revealed


Resume Secrets Revealed

The goal of a resume is to land interviews. If you send resumes and do not arouse interest, obviously something is missing. There are powerful strategies that a job hunter can use wisely. Strategies that ensure an interview instead of throwing it in the trash!

It’s about numbers
One of the easiest ways to show your value is to add numbers in the form of percentages, revenue earned, time savings, and manpower. Regardless of the task, you can quantify aspects that define your impact in detail. Here are some examples.

Change “significantly increased revenue” to “increased revenue by 10% in year 1, 25% in year 2, and likely 40% in year 3.”

Change “Responsible for Production People” to “Manages 55 Production People, Including 3 Lead Hands.”

Change “Answering & Receiving” to “manage a 17-line Meridian system with paging and voicemail options, and welcome around 50 visitors daily in this bustling real estate office.”
Many applicants answer telephones, are responsible for the staff or affect the revenue. few applicants define their effect with numbers. Apply this strategy and intervie wine loads will follow.

Add more contexts
Marketing gurus know that nothing sells as well as a good story. Build your credibility by creating a story with a context that supports your numbers and achievements. Here are some examples.

Change “Increase revenue by 10% in Year 1, 25% in Year 2 and Expected to add 40% in Year 3″ by splitting an area of ​​3 provinces, systematically establishing contact with researched, targeted clients and building relationships Becoming customer base of 25 inherited customers on 125 developed customers. ”

Extend “Managed 55 Production Staff, Including 3 Lead Hands” to “Developed, dedicated 55-person production personnel (3 Lead Hands)” by instantly introducing daily “scrums”, weekly open dialogue meetings, cross-training and verbally exceptional ones Recognize quality and quality Production increased by 20% within the first year. ”

I hear the phone ring!

Apply the 80/20 rule

This rule has several appropriate interpretations. For the purposes of our strategies, the following rule applies: You must position yourself among the top 20% of all applicants. Align the contents of your resume (at least 80%) to the requirements of the job. and use that content to relate your value and position yourself as an expert.

Here are some examples of content that puts you at the top.

“Awarded the Best Cold Call Cultivator for Two Years in a Row.”
“Earned a significant bonus with the year-end performance rating for the highest-production line.”
“Honored as the best receptionist out of 100 nationwide brokerage offices.”

Adding numbers, developing contexts, and following the 80/20 Rule will strengthen your CV by painting a picture of a truly resourceful, outstanding, and value-adding candidate. What are you waiting for? Answer the phone!

Stephanie Clark, a respected leader in the resume community, owns New Leaf Resumes. Four awards for Outstanding CVs at the Career Professionals of Canada 2008 and 2010 Awards of Excellence. Cover letter in printed form in Joyce Lain Kennedy’s latest cover book (2009).

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