The Money Making Algorithm


The Money Making Algorithm

Have you ever wondered why your site is not on the first Google search results page for your coveted keywords? The answer lies in the popularity of the website.

Top Positioning and the Google algorithm

Google measures the popularity of websites and websites, also referred to as authority, through links from other websites. PageRank is Google’s rating of the popularity of a website. The positioning of the web pages for a keyword on the results pages of the Google search engine is determined by the Google algorithm: The popularity has a greater weight than the content.

PageRank and keyword difficulty

A newly indexed web page has pagerank 0 and most popular webpages pagerank 10. PageRank is logarithmic. A website on a high popularity website is positioned over a website on a less popular website, with all other aspects being equal.

Many of the best-positioned desirable keyword web pages have PageRank 0, which results in most web professionals questioning the value of PageRank. Others believe that PageRank is the most important factor in Google’s algorithm and provides the best indication of keyword difficulty. The keyword difficulty is an indication of the competitiveness of the top websites for this keyword.

Various keyword difficulty tools include the page rank of the website to evaluate the contest. In an eBook, the PageRanks of Google’s top 10 websites were for the keyword “Soundbar Reviews”:

8 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 8 = 39/10 = 3.9 average.

This example would support those who question the value of PageRank.

HomePage PageRank

The current HomePage PageRanks for the top websites for ‘Soundbar Reviews’ are
6 + 4 + 4 + 7 + 6 + 6 + 5 + 8 + 4 + 5 = 5.5 average.

The HomePage PageRank seems to be a better indicator of the keyword difficulty than the page rank of the page. Google informs us that both the PageRank of websites and the PageRank of websites are important. The page rank of a website can mean all incoming PageRank link juice to the website. We have no way to measure this, but the HomePage PageRank is a useful indicator.

The majority of the most powerful sites are located on sites with a PageRank of at least 4 (64% in a range of almost 50,000). This is convincing proof that HomePage PageRank plays an important role in the Google algorithm.

The current HomePage PageRanks for the top 10 websites on for ‘Windsor Website Designer’ are: –

Algorithm is a word that is usually associated with an incomprehensible mathematical or computer-related problem, but it’s just a simple concept. Programmers would not be able to work if the primary concept were complicated. You just have to start and develop from there.

Just like the simple seed that turns into a complicated, giant tree with thousands of branches and millions of leaves, fruits and roots.

The ordered sequence that starts somewhere and ends at a certain point. They follow the steps to achieve something. This is not a high-philosophical concept, and yet it sounds like something reserved for brilliant minds.

What is the money-making algorithm that has been translated into plain english? Simply put, the step-by-step guide is to make money online. The only difference is that when you think about a concept, you realize that there is no real puzzle to making money online. It’s just a simple sequence of activities and knowledge that leads you from point A to point B.

Writing articles for the web is one of those steps, but that’s exactly what it is. A simple step. Most people long to make money online, but are scared when faced with big words like “algorithm”. The truth is that most words have a simple meaning and all you have to do is relax and pay attention to the concepts.

There are a lot of veterans coming in contact with these weird computers and making a lot of money online. They are not afraid of change and would never step back on new challenges.

If you do not know something, just ask your 7 year old grandson and solve the problem. The other problem with concepts is that our culture teaches us to become lazy people. Even more when it comes to thinking. We are mentally lazy people.

Now that we have determined that the algorithmic concept is very easy to understand and apply, how would we do that? How can we use this knowledge and make money online?

Well, it is very simple. You can create a diagram with a business model that you know very well, and translate that process to online marketing. The principles are the same. You need a product to sell, a place where you can keep the offer (your store – your website) and a payment processor. (like Clickbank)

However, this is not a straightforward algorithm and it does not matter how many people tell you to play this red button and start making crazy money. This is not easy, but not impossible.

All you need is to have the right algorithm and to follow it in an intelligent way. In other words, you can change and improve each step if you find a better way to do it, or follow the suggested method. Nothing is set in stone and with the internet, as the living thing is, this is even more severe.

You may want to create a graphic or outline so you can better control the list of activities to be performed. If you mark my info box, you will find as an example a link to an algorithm diagram. If you are persistent enough and follow the suggested algorithm, you will be making money online soon.

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