Useless Resume Objectives

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Useless Resume Objectives

What’s up with a resume goal? The problem with CVs is that a typical target is egocentric and selfish. that’s why it’s useless. Use a statement of power instead of a goal.

Let me illustrate what I mean by giving examples of both goals and performance statements. Here is a typical goal that HR employees always see:

“Customer Service Representative Position that allows me to fully exploit my abilities and attributes and to offer career advancement opportunities.”

What did that goal tell me? The above goal basically told me nothing else than in the interest of this case study here a few points:

The person is looking for a service center. (No problem with that.)
The priority of the individual seems to be his professional advancement within the organization. (Oops, that’s not the way to treat a potential employer, that’s what the company does not want to hear, they want to hear you use them, not themselves.)
The candidate did not specify any skills and attributes and thus gave no insight into what he / she can do for the company. (Not good, because employers want details.)
Self-oriented instead of employer-oriented. (Not good at all.)

Let’s translate the same goal into a performance statement.

“Award-winning, highly qualified and motivated customer service representative with proven track record in rapporting, resourceful problem solving and communication skills.”

What did that tell me? In the declaration of performance I was informed that:

The person is a competent, award-winning customer service representative who has excellent knowledge of his / her area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. (Good.)
Has a proven track record of relevant attributes. (Good.)
The reader can take a look at what benefit the person might have for the company when he mentions certain skills and abilities needed to do a good job. (Very well.)
The terms of reference are employer-oriented and not self-centered.

Remember, when employers look at your CV, they read it with a thought and thought: What can that person do for us? If you specify a self-centered goal instead of an employer-defined empowerment statement at the top of your resume, turn off the prospective employer before they even have the opportunity to read your entire resume.

The main difference between the goal and the performance description is that while the goal is self-serving and self-centered, the performance description is employee-oriented and result-oriented. Employers only care about results – the results you get for them in the workplace, whether you save money, solve a problem, or increase profitability. If in your Power Statement you can briefly and convincingly suggest how you benefit the company, you are on the way to your job interview. Get her!

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